Adventure For Another Time

I started this group and have changed the tone of this blog to focus on the motorcycle trip that is planned for April. After figuring out my finances, I’ve realized I can’t afford to take the trip at this time. I know full-well that it will happen, but for now, I need to save up some money, and do my thing.

I hate not following through with my ideas, and my goal is to complete this trip at some point, but for now, the trip is on hold.

On another note, I’m moving in with Wayne Feaser. In two days. In Parkesburg.

Work is going well, I’m working towards getting a promotion in the near future, and I graduate in May. Things are progressing.


So Far, But So Close

Forewarning: My goal is not to make these posts sound whiny, but I’m in a really whiny mood. If you would not like to read my whining, these are not the droids you’re looking for, move along.

I’m stuck. I feel tons of pressure to prep for this trip, complete a megaton worth of schoolwork, and then once all of that is said and done, take the trip and then find a job that I can turn into a career without slaving away in retail until I’m 40. (Sorry, the idea of STILL working weekends when I’m well into my 40’s just does NOT appeal to me).

I was already contemplating moving on from Target and going to a temp agency or something (my hours have neither been consistent or close to large enough to what I was hoping) but when I saw my new schedule gave me only 21 hours for the week and had me scheduled off from Monday until Friday, I was more than a little perturbed. I’ve been begging for hours at work and my most recent paycheck was on the level I was hoping. I had 70 hours for 2 weeks. This is about what I need at my current pay rate to save up for my trip in time. But one week of 26 hours and another of 21 just doesn’t cut it.

I think it may be time to move on to the next thing, which is absolutely terrifying. I have this nice, safe retail bubble and backup plan that has been created by Target over the last 3 years and 3 months. They have been great to me in relation to school and have provided the best retail company I have ever worked for. But it’s still retail. I can do it, I don’t mind it, but I don’t love it. I want to do something I love.

This trip isn’t going to be cheap. I did the math as a rough estimate and I am going to need at least $650 just for gas. Granted, it is 7000 miles, so I’m not surprised (anymore). When I first did the math I was blown away that my biggest expense will just be for the ability to be on the motorcycle. I don’t have a huge gas tank on the bike, so I know I’ll be spending a lot of time gassing up. You’d think I’d be afraid of running out of gas, but I’m more excited than anything. I view every single piece of this trip as an adventure.

I’m not sure if I said this officially on here yet or not, but even if I blow out both tires AND run out of gas at the same time, I’m still going to be having the time of my life. Shouldn’t this always be our attitudes? Viewing “mishaps” or “struggles” as adventures and learning experiences instead of life either “defeating” or “ruining” us? I know I’m going to learn a lot from this trip, but I can’t wait to share my experiences and stories with everyone once I get back. I’m gonna owe a lot of people coffee.

So, This Is Art?

A friend of mine posted a challenge on Facebook. Without copying and pasting word for word, here’s how it went: Comment on my status saying “I want in!” and I’ll send you some form of art. The only catch is that you must post the same text to your profile and the first ten people that want in, you must send them the art. After a few seconds of hesitation and thinking, “What the FUCK kind of art can I make?,” (I never warned this would be a PG Blog) I realized I did in fact have an idea.

Adding to this idea I realized my “art” will be a little awkward to mail, so I added that I will hand-deliver my “art.” Quick, mind-blowing question: Isn’t this what life is supposed to be about? Making stupid crafts and catching up with people that have affected your past?

Time For an Adventure


I have a tentative plan lined up for my future trip. I’m starting to make arrangements and plans are actually starting to take shape. In the last two weeks I have realized one big thing: I hate working in retail. Don’t get me wrong, I do my job, I get my things done. But it is definitely not something I would like to do in the future. I do not want to be 45 and still have to work nights and weekends.

With plans taking shape, I’m realizing this is a BIG trip. It’s going to take a lot of stamina. Almost 7000 miles and 105 hours. If I do an average of 10 hours of driving a day, that’s 10.5 days of driving. And the plan is to do this in 3 weeks or a month. It’s gonna be a ton of driving.

Also, the plan is to get a GoPro to record my journey. I can’t even imagine the amazing viewpoints I’m going to have and the amount of times I’m going to wish I could capture it. I’ve budgeted to get rid of all my debt (except student loans) before my trip and will be coming back with a fresh start.

This. Is. Happening.

I’m going to try to update this more


I made it a point to stop by my dad’s grave site today, and it put my thinking wheels in motion.

It’s Christmas and the holidays. It’s the time that we celebrate the friends, family, and fellowship we have in our lives.

This year’s Christmas was different. Although it was the last time having Christmas in the house I grew up in, it was not the same. I’m at a point in life of moving on and making decisions. Both ideas sound terrifying.

In three months, I don’t have a place to live. I have no “home” to come back to. I’ll have real bills to pay, rent to take care of, and have to find a place to put all my shit.

Due to recent events, I’m finding out who my real friends are. I never thought I would have to say anything as petty as that. I guess some people grow up at different speeds.

Annnnnd, if you haven’t heard by now, I have a three bedroom house to myself if anyone needs somewhere to crash in the southeastern PA area.

Current Goings-On

I moved home yesterday. I was supposed to graduate this week.

I should be job-searching like a mofo right now, but instead, I’m going to be working full-time at Target for the time being. Don’t get me wrong, this fits my 4-month plan perfectly, I am just very ready to move on from my hometown.

I’m taking a motorcycle trip somewhere between mid-March and April and it would be rude to have a real job for 3 months and say, “Oooooooh yeah, thanks for the job and all, I know you had a bunch of applicants, but is it totally cool if I disappear for 2-3 weeks to take this trip I planned a year ago? Thanks, you’re the best.” I really don’t think that will go over well. The plan is to head towards California, but take a detour up around the Great Lakes and spread my dad’s ashes, make it to California, come back to Atlanta, and then eventually make it back to PA.

My life has become way too simple now. It consists of work, work, and work, and that is all. I’m in a house by myself, not content where I am with life, but understand it fits my goals for now.

Here’s to moving up, moving on, and trying to pretend to be a grownup.

Random Lake


I took a bike ride yesterday. Here’s a link to where I went: From that map, you can see the random lake I found. After looking at the map myself, I found out it’s called Lake Artemesia.

I thought yesterday would just be a normal bike ride but what I realized is none of my bike rides have had any type of “normal.” Anyway, I was biking along a trail that me and my roommate had walked on for about 1.5 miles the other day and next thing I know, I’m at some random park and have gone 5 miles already. Time goes quick when you’re on a bike.

So after the park, I just kept following the trail. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but the trail kept going to the right and on a sharp left there was a fence on both sides of a paved trail. I HAD to go up there. Enter picture number 2. I come to the top of the little hill I’m on and blindsided by a huge lake just chilling there that no one in the area probably even knows about. I biked around the edge and biked on back, but here’s what I learned.

As I biked around the lake, I ended up finding that one part of the trail that I ignored went straight to the lake. But my “secret” fence-on-both-sides area also got me to the lake. It doesn’t matter what trail you take in life, you’re gonna end up somewhere beautiful. The point is to actually be on some trail, not to make a crazy destination. Destinations are nice, but forward progress is incredible!

Thanks. Bye!