Random Lake


I took a bike ride yesterday. Here’s a link to where I went: http://www.strava.com/activities/80339411 From that map, you can see the random lake I found. After looking at the map myself, I found out it’s called Lake Artemesia.

I thought yesterday would just be a normal bike ride but what I realized is none of my bike rides have had any type of “normal.” Anyway, I was biking along a trail that me and my roommate had walked on for about 1.5 miles the other day and next thing I know, I’m at some random park and have gone 5 miles already. Time goes quick when you’re on a bike.

So after the park, I just kept following the trail. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but the trail kept going to the right and on a sharp left there was a fence on both sides of a paved trail. I HAD to go up there. Enter picture number 2. I come to the top of the little hill I’m on and blindsided by a huge lake just chilling there that no one in the area probably even knows about. I biked around the edge and biked on back, but here’s what I learned.

As I biked around the lake, I ended up finding that one part of the trail that I ignored went straight to the lake. But my “secret” fence-on-both-sides area also got me to the lake. It doesn’t matter what trail you take in life, you’re gonna end up somewhere beautiful. The point is to actually be on some trail, not to make a crazy destination. Destinations are nice, but forward progress is incredible!

Thanks. Bye!


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