Current Goings-On

I moved home yesterday. I was supposed to graduate this week.

I should be job-searching like a mofo right now, but instead, I’m going to be working full-time at Target for the time being. Don’t get me wrong, this fits my 4-month plan perfectly, I am just very ready to move on from my hometown.

I’m taking a motorcycle trip somewhere between mid-March and April and it would be rude to have a real job for 3 months and say, “Oooooooh yeah, thanks for the job and all, I know you had a bunch of applicants, but is it totally cool if I disappear for 2-3 weeks to take this trip I planned a year ago? Thanks, you’re the best.” I really don’t think that will go over well. The plan is to head towards California, but take a detour up around the Great Lakes and spread my dad’s ashes, make it to California, come back to Atlanta, and then eventually make it back to PA.

My life has become way too simple now. It consists of work, work, and work, and that is all. I’m in a house by myself, not content where I am with life, but understand it fits my goals for now.

Here’s to moving up, moving on, and trying to pretend to be a grownup.


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