Time For an Adventure


I have a tentative plan lined up for my future trip. I’m starting to make arrangements and plans are actually starting to take shape. In the last two weeks I have realized one big thing: I hate working in retail. Don’t get me wrong, I do my job, I get my things done. But it is definitely not something I would like to do in the future. I do not want to be 45 and still have to work nights and weekends.

With plans taking shape, I’m realizing this is a BIG trip. It’s going to take a lot of stamina. Almost 7000 miles and 105 hours. If I do an average of 10 hours of driving a day, that’s 10.5 days of driving. And the plan is to do this in 3 weeks or a month. It’s gonna be a ton of driving.

Also, the plan is to get a GoPro to record my journey. I can’t even imagine the amazing viewpoints I’m going to have and the amount of times I’m going to wish I could capture it. I’ve budgeted to get rid of all my debt (except student loans) before my trip and will be coming back with a fresh start.

This. Is. Happening.


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